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If you’re wanting to replace your missing permanent tooth, our Fountains Family Dental Center team encourages you to consider the use of a dental implant!

A dental implant in Chandler, Arizona, can do wonders for your smile. In fact, it can:

-Improve your speech: It’s very difficult to keep from mumbling or slurring your words if you have a gap in your smile. This is when the implant saves the day. Once the implant it placed, you will be able to talk, sing, and even whistle normally.

-Improve your appearance: When you replace your teeth with a dental implant, you will no longer have the embarrassing space in your mouth. The implant will fill your smile, improve your appearance, and boost your self-esteem.

-Make eating easier: Because your implant completes your smile, you will not have to worry about chewing on the opposite side of the mouth anymore and you’ll be able to chew and enjoy your favorite foods and treats without pain or inconvenience.

-Improve your oral health: Typically, when you have a missing tooth, your surrounding teeth tend to drift inside the gap and cause a misaligned smile. This could also cause tooth decay and other major dental issues. However, if you fill the gap with an implant, your teeth will remain in place and your jaw bone will stay in tip-top shape.

-Provide durability: Because your implant is extremely durable, you will never have to worry about your replacement tooth sliding, shifting, or falling out of place. It is implanted into your jaw bone and it will provide sturdy and natural-looking results.

There are many reasons why you should improve your smile with a dental implant, and if you would like to hear more, then we encourage you to call 480-359-1483 at your earliest convenience and talk to your dentist, or a member of our team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment if you’re interested in seeing if dental implants are the best solution for you. We look forward to helping you!