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Whitening your teeth is an activity nearly everyone participates in. From improving your confidence in social settings to making better first impressions in the business world, a white smile provides a ton of great benefits.

However, a lot of people don’t know how to choose between at-home or professional whitening services. Today, we’ll look at what our team here at Fountains Family Dental Center in Chandler, Arizona, recommends you take into account when deciding on your whitening methods.

How bad are your teeth?
Some people simply have moderately stained teeth, which can easily be taken care of. If your stains are deeper than that, though, you’ll need some serious whitening work to take care of them. If your stains haven’t responded to any at-home treatments, then you definitely need professional whitening services.

What’s the difference?
The difference between the whitening kits you buy at the store and the ones Dr. Thomas Burke, DMD and Cameron Blyth, DMD uses lies in the strength of the whitening gels. Dental professionals have access to far more powerful whitening products than consumers, which means your smile gets whitening that much more quickly during a professional appointment then any at-home solution you use.

If you have teeth with deep stains and think that professional whitening can help, call us today at 480-359-1483 to schedule a consultation appointment.