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The orientation of your teeth can be influenced by several different factors, including genetics, dental structure, and certain medical conditions. Sometimes, this can cause the upper or lower set of teeth to protrude at an unhealthy angle. A malocclusion issues that causes an under or overbite can often be corrected by having braces installed at Dr. Thomas Burke, DMD and Cameron Blyth, DMD’s Chandler, Arizona orthodontic clinic.

The braces elements can be cemented onto your teeth and interlinked in a single outpatient appointment. Once this is done, Dr. Thomas Burke, DMD and Cameron Blyth, DMD can start the process of gradually adjusting the position and orientation of each tooth. Each one of your adjustment appointment will stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring each tooth, by a minute degree.

Scheduling adjustments at four-to-six week intervals, will keep a consistent tension applied to your teeth to maximize the realignment effect. The total number of adjustments needed to correct your under or overbite will vary depending on the severity of the misalignment.

After your teeth have been properly corrected, Dr. Thomas Burke, DMD and Cameron Blyth, DMD will remove your braces. Afterward you will then need to use a retainer to make sure your teeth hold their new position. Dr. Thomas Burke, DMD and Cameron Blyth, DMD can fit you for this removable mouthpiece immediately after uninstalling your braces. This might also include having a fixed retainer cemented behind one set of teeth.

If you live in the Chandler, Arizona area and you need to correct an under or overbite, you should call 480-359-1483 to schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Thomas Burke, DMD and Cameron Blyth, DMD.