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For a long time, the most popular way to get teeth replaced has been either dentures or bridge-supported crowns. However, the dental world now has a great option to help replace missing or decayed teeth – dental implants.

Here at Fountains Family Dental Center we’re happy to offer implants to our patients. However, we also feel that it’s important our patients understand the basics about dental implants. So in an effort to educate our patients further on implants, let’s look at why they really work.

They look real

When you need teeth replaced, crowns are a popular – and well-known – option. However, if you’re missing multiple teeth, or have advanced tooth decay, implants are the better option. They’re anchored to your jaw bone (or right above it, depending on your jaw bone health) then capped with crowns that look just like the rest of your teeth. In fact, the only person who will know the tooth isn’t real is your dentist.

They last a long time

Implants are also very long-lasting. As long as you follow a basic oral health routine (brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash) then your implants will last as long as you do. Compared to other options – like traditional crowns or bridges – implants are less prone to chips, cracks, or fractures. They’re also far less work to take care of than dentures.

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